I am Radostina Atanasova Tsvetkova and I live in city, which is called Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is is the second-largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 366 344 inhabitants. It is situated in south-central Bulgaria and Maritza river passes through the town. The town was built among seven hills and because of that it is called “The town of the hills”. It was settled in the 4th century BC, from which it is said to be one of the oldest city all over the world, by Philip II of Macedon and he gave it the name Philippopolis. The city was Thracian settlement, but after them here was invaded by Persians, Greeks, Celts and other foreign tribes. The borders of the city were constantly changed but now the area is 101.98 km. Most of our inhabitants maybe 50% are Bulgarians, 21% are Turks, 16% are Greeks and other 12% are other nationalities. The vast majority of the inhabitants are Christians, but in the town also have some Muslims and Jews.

In the town there are many ancient monuments, breathtaking places for entertainment and resting from hard-working day. I can recommend you too much places, but I will start with the best amazing place for me – The Ancient town. It is located in the centre of the town on one of our 7 hills. On this town you can see old buildings which were renovate, but only not to be destroyed and they are not dramatically changed. They saved the spirit of the ancient tribes and the people, which were lived in the buildings. Other landmark is the ancient theatre, which is located on the top of the hill  and it is one of the most unforgettable place for every people because from it you can see all town and the mountain behind the town. It is for me the most unforgettable view, which i have ever seen. Nowadays, on this theatre are held many plays.

Other important place is our main street. It is the longest pedestrian street in Europe. It is located in the centre of the city. On this street there are many shops and cafes. In the middle of the street is situated the Mosque, Rome stadium, the fountain “The knob”, which name came from a lot of seats around the fountain, and traditional shopping market, which is called “Kapana”and from which you can buy traditional old souvenirs and other household good from roman history. All this places are preserved from Romans and they show our old history and they make our town preferred destination for tourists.

In my town there are many different museums and galleries. Well-knowns of them are Ethnographic museum, Archeological museum, Art gallery Phillipopolis and Regional National museum in Plovdiv. They show our things from our history, many pictures from important persons and other things that depend on the museums and galleries.

On of the best place for rest is our garden of King Simeon, which is located near to the main street. You can sit on benches and to look our amazing greenery and pets, which you can feed them with special food. But if it rains, you will go to the cafe in this garden. In the summer, in front of the cafe have “singing fountains”, which have different colours each evening and they are located in the form of a question mark.


Other place for rest is our rowing canal. On this canal you can go jogging, ride a bike, go to the cafe or you can just sit on the benches and to see the amazing canal, which is full of fish, but the fishing is strongly forbidden. On this canal you can see many people, who paddle in the water, because we have many rowing teams, but it depand on the style of the rowing. It is preferred destination for many local people and I think that this place will became preferred place for tourists, too, because at this moment is being builed the zoo with many wild pets, which you can not see every day.


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