My experience with Cittadinanza Attiva

Radostina Tsvetkova


When I understood that I would work in a company that was not the same which I expected, I was a bit confused. But when I came here for the first time I was pleasantly surprised because my tutor was very kind and smiling and the place where we should work was very big and full of nice people.

Before I came in Bologna for my working practice, I expected a boring and uniform administrative work, which will be connected with arranging the documents or something like that, but this company refuted my expectation because it turned out much better. Every day we did different and interesting kind of work. One day we wrote articles about us, our town or our trip to some of the towns which we visited during our weekends. Other day we did an inventory on different things which were given for charity by many citizens. And one day we even went to a hospital to make an investigation because it was European charter patient’s right.  All this things liked me most because all people, who worked in this company, were very pleasant, full of energy and always ready for helping the people, who need help. All people were like a big supporting family for me and I will always be thankful for giving me a lot of useful experience. I do not have any complaints about the people here and the things I had to do here. I will be very happy if I have the chance to come back in this company again.

In addition, I can say that I have never dream about better working place that this and I wish everyone to come here at least once to come to this company.



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