The company surpassed my expectations. I expected some boring administrative or bureaucratic job but instead I learnt new stuff I’ve never done before. For example, I’ve not written blogs before on a site and doing it here taught me how to both write and edit blogs on a given topic. More importantly I did some inventory lists and address books, which for a person who specializes IT is all new experience, and this is definitely precious and necessary experience which will surely help me in life. Knowing how to deal with simple administrative tasks and documents is a required skill needed by everybody in life.

As for complaints, I have absolutely none. The people I met were amazing and talking and working with them was more than a pleasant experience. I absolutely hope to meet them again after I leave Italy.

Spending a month in this organization was an utmost pleasure. I will surely miss everybody I met during this month. Doing stuff different than what I’m going to do for a living taught me new precious skills which would help anybody at some point in their lives and I appreciate how helpful and responsive the people I worked with are with helping me develop these skills.

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