My adventure in Riccione

We went to Riccione on Sunday. We went there by train. The whole trip lasted abaut 2 hours.

I was under great impression of comfort travel and views outside the window.

It may seem funny, but it was my first time I was driving so fast.Once we have arrived we feel great happines. I was suprised when I saw this beatiful place!. The view of the beach and sea impressed me.First thing I did was to go into the sea and feel the cold water…honestly I thought it would be warmer. What i really liked was the shells that were everywhere !. What kept my attention was the beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

Against the backgraund of the beautiful view, I noticed a large human culture. Everyone was kind to each other. Unfortunately, it was time we had to go back to the train and return to Bologna.

We had a small fault and we got into a bad train. Fortunaely, we got to the Bologna happily.


I’m very happy that i could be in Riccione and hopefully come back there.

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