In Modena the spotlight definitely falls on the Ferrari museum. Everyone who’s enthusiastic or passionate about cars knows who Enzo Ferrari is and surely dreams about the legendary car brand he started many years ago. Owning a Ferrari is a luxury which only a chosen few are able to afford, but seeing one in person right in front of you is a breathtaking experience and it’s one that could never be forgotten.

The development and the innovations implemented on these cars through the years are remarkable. When someone hears the brand “Ferrari” they always think of the prancing horse, the signature red exotics and speeds which raise your adrenaline levels, but that’s not all. As you get the chance to see the cars from the birth of the company until present days you really start to get the idea of what true progress in the motoring industry means. The company has built its reputation on solid performance and luxury exotic cars and through the years it has both kept and improved it with its modern and innovative vehicles.

Their cars excel both on the track and on the road. Both the Formula 1 cars and the luxurious exotic roadsters have solidified the reputation of the company and they’ve ascended the brand to one of the top spots in the automotive industry. Being able to keep its top spot is both difficult but achievable. Each new model is created with passion and love which leads to amazing new looks keeping the car modern for its time. As for the performance side – the company drives its cars ahead of time. Their incredible engineers have created and are continuing to create newer and better engines and systems for their cars. This is the key part which keeps Ferrari ahead of its competition both on the track and in the hearts of the car lovers.

Visiting Modena just to enter the museum is enough to astound you but the rest of the city is as good as the museum. The city is clean and the architecture is unique and beautiful. Everything is kept in a good condition and if you look closely the little details on the buildings will leave you amazed. Modena is an incredible city with its own unique style and soul but the spotlight will stay on Ferrari. This beautiful city deserves the modern art which the legendary motor company delivers and it will continue to attract tourists and car lovers all over the world.

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