Il seguente articolo è stato scritto dai ragazzi del progetto Erasmus + coinvolti presso la sede di Cittadinanzattiva Bologna.

Florence- a paradise on earth?

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going to Florence . At 9:10 we took a trainI trip. The views behind the windows was beautiful. When we arrived we knew it was a beautiful and historic town.The guide take us around the Florence.


Our first sight seeing  was Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore. This is a beautiful place. First time I saw such a large Basilica.The ornate decoration on the walls of the Basilica there are unique.

Even more happy to be there, because in this Basilica was played the scene od my favorite book “Inferno” -Dana Browna.

I was also impressed by the image of “Hell of a Donkey”


The sculpture of David is very intresting. It shows the David in all splendor. He is considered the most beautiful man in the world. In my opinion, the whole dowry makes a big suprise


I had the pleasure of standing in the Republic Square. This is amazing place. I could also listen the guy who played the guitar and beautiful sang.

I am very happy that I could be there. Florence is a beautiful city and I hope I will come back there!

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