Last sunday, me and my group went to the sea to Riccione.We rode by train for 2 hours. My first impressions? It was gorgeus! Soft sand, warm water, fresh air – all this details made me not want to came back to Bologna. We had so much luck, because this day was warm and we could swim in the sea. I spent most of my time walking on the sea shore and collecting shells.

In the distance I saw the mountains which I wanted to reach, but it failed, because there was a canal from the mountians that could not be crossed. So, we went back to the rest of the group. We were taking pictures on the way. There were rockers that gave a wonderful climate.

When we came back to the beach and sat down on the blanket, other people came to us and offered some stuff for sale such as jewerely, watches or henna tattoos. Of course none of us bought it. I move away from my group and I sat on the sun. I talked on the phone for 2 hours and I didn’t notice how strong I sunbathed. Until now I have whole red back and legs. After all, if I could, I would go back to the Riccione again. If someone of my friends will go to Italy, I will recommend them to go to Riccione. I hope that I have the chance to visit Italy again.

Diana Leszczynska

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